▎來場光線與時空的「捉迷藏」波蘭藝術家 Mateusz Choróbski 米蘭首次個展 with Secci Gallery ▎

▎let’s have an [ Hide-and-Seek ] of Light and Time, Polish artist Mateusz Choróbski’s first solo exhibition in Milan with Secci Gallery ▎

所使用硬幣總價值=2021年波蘭官方統計 (以一家四口為例) 【貧困基準線】。」
— [2329,77/4, 2022]

“The shape reflects the disillusionment with social hierarchy and is made of Polish coins minted in brass from cement waste at construction sites.
The total value of the coins used on the creation = [the poverty line] corresponds to the official statistics of Poland in 2021 (based on a family of four) .”
[2329,77/4, 2022]

the research on light and the measurement of time is the essential tools to investigate the practice.

Most of the artists’ creations are inspired by the traces of daily life.

馬特烏斯・喬羅伯基 Mateusz Choróbski(波蘭,1987)通過對周遭環境的細微觀察,擷取事物的每一個面向轉化爲作品精髓來源,從相異的材質載體中獲取必要的訊息跟特徵,藉由解構與分析的過程,觸及藝術家敏銳的感知經驗,重新建構出一種截然不同的視覺載體,巧妙地將重塑後的物件與空間和時間的特徵融合一起,再次被賦予不同於先前的詮釋方向。

Mateusz Choróbski (Poland, 1987), through his subtle observation of the surrounding environment, extracted every aspect of things and transformed them into the source of the essence of his works, obtaining the necessary information and characteristics from the different material carriers. By deconstructing and analyzing the object, the artist touches on the artist’s acute perceptual experience and reconstructs a different visual vehicle, skillfully integrating the reshaped object with the characteristics of space and time, giving it a different direction of interpretation than before.

photo credit: © contemporarylynx.co.uk

馬特烏斯・喬羅伯基 Mateusz Choróbski, 1987 年出生於波蘭拉多姆思科,現定居於波蘭華沙。畢業於波茲南藝術大學與華沙美術學院。


近年來不斷到各國進行展出,柏林・Another Vacant Space (2013)、波蘭貝托姆・Kronika Centre for Contemporary Art (2016)、波蘭華沙・Wschód Gallery (2019)等地,更是與義大利結下了深刻的緣分,分別在(2019)羅馬・La Fondazione、(2020) 佛羅倫斯・Edorardo Secci Gallery 舉辦展覽,同年受埃娃・卡恩博士基金會 Dr. Kahán Éva Foundation 的邀請,在托斯卡尼中部作為三位藝術家之一,進行為期一個月的藝術駐村計畫。

Mateusz Choróbski, born in 1987 in Radomsko, Poland, now lives in Warsaw, Poland. He graduated from Poznan University of Arts and Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.

He is a creator of multimedia, installation, performance art, and sculpture. He is influenced and inspired by the reality of society through the recycling of readymade building materials, which in turn brings multisensory works into a broad conceptual framework (everyday readymades, common objects, natural creatures). For the artist, the opposite of “effective art practice” should be “spatial concept” and “physical perception”.

In recent years, he has been exhibiting in various countries, such as Another Vacant Space (2013) in Berlin, Kronika Centre for Contemporary Art (2016) in Bertram, Poland, and Wschód Gallery (2019) in Warsaw, Poland, and has a deep connection with Italy, where he exhibited at (In the same year, he was invited by the Dr. Kahán Éva Foundation to be one of three artists in central Tuscany for a month-long residency program.

2020年,在佛羅倫斯・塞奇畫廊(Eduardo Secci Gallery)的展覽中,【一步之遙 A Step Away】透過轉換空間與物體之間主賓的關係,輕柔譜寫出一系列作品與展廳的音符節奏,加入自然界礦物和植物元素的特徵,再生合成出尋常主體,讓時間和物質自然發揮它們的作用,好像變奏曲一般不依循常態律動。然而,展覽當時卻受到新冠疫情的影響,參觀人次銳減僅維持短短數週,隨即結束展演。

In 2020, in the exhibition at Eduardo Secci Gallery in Florence, A Step Away gently composed a series of works and rhythms of the exhibition hall by changing the relationship between space and objects, adding the characteristics of natural mineral and plant elements, regenerating, and synthesizing the ordinary subject, allowing time and matter to play their role naturally, like a rhythm. It is like a variation of the normal rhythm. However, the exhibition was affected by the new epidemic and the number of visitors dropped drastically for a few weeks, and the exhibition was then closed.

photo credit: cantori.it ©

三年過去疫情趨緩,同樣在義大利知名藝評、策展人—皮爾・保羅・潘科托Pier Paolo Pancotto的推波助燃之下,終於在米蘭・塞奇畫廊(Secci Gallery)的NOVO實驗空間以【捉迷藏 Hide and Seek】為題,開啟藝術家首次個展,並且同步於米蘭舊蒸汽工廠 Fabbrica del Vapore 轉型後的文創園區裡,啟動另一個特定的燈光裝置項目。

Three years later, the epidemic subsided, and with the help of Pier Paolo Pancotto, a renowned Italian art critic and curator, the artist finally opened his first solo exhibition at the NOVO Experimental Space in Secci Gallery in Milan under the title Hide and Seek. In parallel, another specific lighting installation project was launched in the transformed cultural and creative park of Fabbrica del Vapore, the former steam factory in Milan.

Mateusz Choróbski, exhibition view at Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano 2023. photo by Gogo. W

Mateusz Choróbski, exhibition view at Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano 2023. photo by Gogo. W

兩個室內外的場域,兩種時間流動的方式,白晝之間的關係,共通點為馬特烏斯・喬羅伯基Mateusz Choróbski的作品本身。在畫廊中,物品順時鐘流動,轉身觀察蒸汽工廠展出的大型裝置則是以逆時鐘流動。前者為私人空間制定;後者則是公共空間的燈光裝置,想要自然穿梭在兩地展覽之中,唯有透析隱藏在作品背後的概念和思維,理解藝術創作本質上的價值與意義,並且實地走訪感受文字敘述外的感知體驗,能將自身經驗與觀展體驗串連。

The relationship between two indoor and outdoor spaces, two ways of time movement, and daylight, is common to Mateusz Choróbski’s work itself. In the gallery, the objects flow with the clock, while the large installations on view at the Steam Factory flow against the clock. The former is a private space; the latter is a light installation in a public space. To move naturally between the two exhibitions, the only way to understand the intrinsic value and meaning of art creation is to analyze the concepts and thoughts behind the works, and to visit the site to feel the perceptual experience beyond the written narrative, so as to connect one’s own experience with the viewing experience.

Mateusz Choróbski, exhibition view at Secci Gallery, Milano 2023. photo by Gogo. W
Mateusz Choróbski, exhibition view at Secci Gallery, Milano 2023. photo by Gogo. W


On the opening night, we had the opportunity to meet the curators, artists, and enthusiastic art workers, and even if it was just a few minutes of conversation, it induced the passion and feelings hidden deep inside. The artist briefly explained that the large installation, located in the outdoor space, reuses the receding window glass of the old building, and mixes it with lighting installations to create a silhouette that resembles the top of the building, which you can’t find during the daytime, but when the sunset comes, it quietly appears in your sight, opening a dialogue with the environment every second.

初次到訪畫廊位於米蘭的空間,2米高的落地玻璃,大方消除空間的隔閡,[2329,77/4, 2022]這件裝置的標題來自錢幣的總和,由熔化金幣再製的複合媒材雕塑,數件高低之分的圓柱結構,連接著展間的地板與天花板。 空氣中充斥著一股淡淡的肥皂氣味,從形似工程中的木質結構雕塑系列[37 Old Road No.1/2/3, 2022]散發出,那是藝術家記憶中對家的嗅覺記憶。

When I first visited the gallery’s space in Milan, the 2-meter-high floor-to-ceiling glass generously bridged the space. [2329,77/4, 2022] The title of this installation comes from the sum of coins, a composite media sculpture made from molten gold coins, and several high and low cylindrical structures connecting the floor and ceiling of the exhibition space. The air is filled with a faint smell of soap, emanating from a series of sculptures shaped like the wooden structures in the project [37 Old Road No. 1/2/3, 2022], which are the artist’s olfactory memories of home.

[2329,77/4, 2022]
[37 Old Road No.2, 2022]

3件運用鋼、玻璃與燈光構成的作品[Hide and Seek no.1/2/3, 2023],柔和的光線透出氣泡霧面玻璃結構,照亮了昏暗的空間,塑造了鋼構的視覺輪廓,轉化材質的功能性,無聲無息突破舊有的表現力。


 The soft light of the three works [Hide and Seek no.1/2/3, 2023], which use steel, glass, and light, illuminates the dim space with its air bubble matte glass structure and shapes the visual contours of the steel structure, transforming the functionality of the material and breaking through the old expression without a sound.

The lightness of the light shows us the social dilemma of being a Polish person, and the actual value issues brought out by the concrete economic situation, from the shallow to the deeper to see the real issues that exist in all corners of the world.

Mateusz Choróbski, exhibition view at Secci Gallery, Milano 2023. photo by Gogo. W

Mateusz Choróbski・Hide and Seek|馬特烏斯・喬羅伯基|捉迷藏
策劃人|Pier Paolo Pancotto
展期|即日起,至 2023年527
地點|米蘭・塞奇畫廊 Secci Gallery Milano、米蘭・舊蒸汽工廠 Fabbrica del Vapore
時間|Fabbrica del Vapore:週一到週日 上午8點-下午9點 / Secci Gallery:週二到週六 上午10點-下午1點 、下午2點-6點,週日一公休


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