【免烤箱|新手適用 Without Oven|Beginner】🍓草莓生乳酪蛋糕 | Strawberry Cheese Cake

Difficulty: Easy

Prep time: 30 min

Cook time: 6-7 H (for resting in the fridge )

Serving: 8 people

Cost: Low



I really enjoy cooking, but I have no idea the reason why when I get in touch with the oven everything is easily going bad or overcooked.
so when I found this recipe, which totally doesn’t require the oven at all, just like Italian Tiramisù.
It immediately catches my eyeball. 
I don’t have to lie to you because the cake was super good, not even mention the taste of the cake.
 If you also are the kind of person who always fails on OVEN like me, I highly recommend you start trying this recipe to make some beautiful and delicious cheesecake at home.
hurry up to add this to your favorites list!


1個 — 8吋 圓形蛋糕模(此次使用約8 吋的愛心模具)
20-25顆 - 新鮮草莓

100g - OREO餅乾(去夾心)
50g - 無鹽奶油

TOOL | (FOR A 8-inch Round  mold)
1 p — Love shape mold
20-25 pc — Fresh strawberries

Biscuit bottom |
100g - OREO biscuits (without stuffing)
50g - Unsalted butter

200g - 奶油乳酪
150g - 草莓優格
30g - 細砂糖
3片/5.5g - 吉利丁片/粉
70g - 莓果果醬
70g - 無花果果醬(什麼樣的果醬皆可,推薦莓果類。)
200ml — 動物性鮮奶油

200g — Cream cheese
150g — Strawberry Yogurt
30g — Sugar
3 slices/5.5g — Gelatine flakes/powder
70g — Berry jam
70g — Fig jam (any kind of jam is find.)
200ml — Whipped cream

|步驟 STEP


・Start with all the ingredients ready.



・Wash the strawberries with baking soda.
・Part into sliced (for decoration), part into diced (for cheese batter), then refrigerate for later use.

・Soak the gelatin in the ice water (if you use gelatin powder, you could pass this part) for later use.

・將OREO餅乾與夾心分開,裝入袋中敲碎,備用。 (如有食物調理機也可以使用,為佳)
・Separate the OREO biscuits from the stuffing, put them into a bag and smash them for later use. (If you have a food processor, you can also use it.)

・Melted Unsalted butter with a pot in hot water to warm it up or use microwave (600 watts/10-15 seconds).
・Add the melted butter to the OREO biscuits and mix them up.

・Put the OREO biscuit paste into the mold and press it firmly (remember, it must be pressed firmly!)

・Arrange the strawberries neatly into the biscuit pie. The shape can be determined by personal preference.
・Put the mold in the refrigerator to chill, for later use.

・將奶油乳酪(cream cheese/formaggio fresco)、各式果醬、細砂糖、草莓優格,同時置入容器中。
|Raw cheese batter part:
・Put cream cheese, various jams, sugar, and strawberry yogurt into the container at the same time.
・Meanwhile take out the soft soaked Gillian form the ice water. Warm it up with a pot in hot water then pour it into the raw cheese batter, and gently stir them together, for later use.

・Stir the whipped cream with mixer into soft peak (about 6-7mins), when some slight ripples on the surface of the whipped cream, for later use.

・Pour whipped cream and diced strawberries into the cheese batter and gently mix them up.
・After the procession you will get perfect strawberry mousse.

・Pour the mousse into the mold.

・稍微用手在底部拍打幾下,將氣泡震出。 (可使用刮刀平整慕斯表面)
・Slightly tap the bottom with your hands few times to shake out the bubbles. (You can also use a spatula to make the surface smooth.)

・置入冰箱冷藏4-5小時,冷凍庫2-3小時。 (因為使用的不是能夠分底的模具,故需要置入冷凍庫定型,便於後期脫模不會破壞造型。)
・Place it in the refrigerator for 6-7 hours.
・After it’s done taking it out, then can put strawberries on top.

・Then enjoying it!
・If you want eating the cake with white wine or champagne will make the cake have more flavor.


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